Why Do You Workout?

Once you know your why, your life will never be the same...

What's true in fitness, is true in life. If you don't know why you're doing something, there is no reason to do it. Just take a few minutes right now, close your computer, put down your iPad, stop looking at your phone. Just take a break from how ever you're accessing the internet these days and answer the almighty question.

Why do you workout?

It could be for something vain, even though we hope it's not, or it could be for something truly profound. What's important is that you know, simply and precisely why you workout. Write it down, tweet it, put it on Facebook, commit to it and share it to the world! At no point in history has it been so easy to share a thought with the entire free world.

Once you know you'll be ready. Hours, days, weeks or even months from now when you're about to quit on your last set or the last few minutes on the treadmill, just remember why you're doing this. Why did you start? Why are you here in the first place? Your sweat is intentional, your pain is specific, and if you know without a doubt why, why this is your current state, you'll find strength and you'll dig deep. Make it a habit to leave every challenge knowing you gave it everything. Use every last drop in the tank. Run it down to E. Leave every conflict on E, leave the year on E and one day leave your life on E. If you do this, you'll have few regrets. Sorry that's a little deep. Let's regroup.

The why, the reason you workout. This isn't something beyond reckoning or something that you need to spend a lifetime thinking about in order to craft the perfect intent. Let's be honest, life is short and way too much fun. In an effort to expedite your creative juices, we'll share our why. Why we workout. 

Well there are a lot of reasons, but the main reason:

I love food. So much so it's crazy.

New foods, weird foods, greasy food, fatty fatty fat foods, carbs oh how I love fresh homemade bread and olive oil. I love eating and refuse to pass on an opportunity to experience food with friends, family or strangers.

Fresh fruit, cheese, and wine outside with my family on summer day or autumn night is as close to Eden that I've ever experienced. I want this in my life. I need this in my life. This is my happiness. I knowing this, I also know that I'll never have a flawless body. I'll never have abs like our fearless champions of the US Woman's 400 rely team. The picture is in the gallery above in case you missed it...They have all the abs, all of them. It's truly impressive.

I'll never have that and not only am I OK with that, I don't want it. I'll leave perfection to them and take a few steps back to find my balance. Be honest with yourself, understand your balance. Your balance with life and work. With fitness and indulgence. With your comfort zone and new terrifying adventures.  

Fitness doesn't mean that everyone will be a professional athlete, or body builder or even worse some super ripped meat head that scares people. In fact if you want to be that person, we think that you'll sacrifice too much... Most likely your sanity. There is too much to do and to love in life to be only thinking about fitness. All you need to do is build a lifestyle that returns the most satisfaction for you.

Progress is the key to happiness. Working out and staying fit is a great way to progress and create lasting change in life. Best of all that change your creating is within you, it's your body, your mind and your life. 

I workout because I love food and the experiences in the life that come from the simple act of breaking bread. I want to enjoy these moments for many more years. A healthy body and mind gives me the best chance to do just that.

Once you know your why, your life will never be the same. Write it down, thumb to smartphone, pen to paper, ink to scroll, or chisel to rock. Declare it. 







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