Nothing Like a Good Revolution Speech

This movie is chalk full of political undertone. I've seen more subtle behavior from perverts wearing plum smugglers at a playground.... If you can look past the veil of despair for American corruption and power, and even past the battered and always cute Natalie Portman, there is a lot of great writing in this move. What's great about this speech is the rhythm and word play. The delivery? Nothing short of poetry. 

My favorite line: "...Words will always retain their power. Words are the means to meaning and those who will listen, the annunciation of truth."

Many times we are the source of our own oppression. There are far too many excuses and too little fight in the heart of the average American these days. Are the future leaders of America soft? Yes, softer than baby powder on Tuesday. The challenges of life, insignificant and petty, get in the way of greatness. Rebel against yourself and build the life that you deserve. Channel your dark thoughts, turn them into light and enjoy the video on your way to the gym. Today is a great day for a revolution. 

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