How to Chop an Onion

Chopping and onion is a great way to practice and hone your knife skills. That might be one of the greatest puns I've ever written. The chopping method used in the video is simple and I highly recommend you give it a try. The secret is that you use the structure of the onion to your advantage. 

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Cats and Babies Being Adorable

Do you have a long week coming up at work? Is a case of the Sunday evening blues starting to kick in? You're in luck, this video is scientifically proven to make all your problems go away. Well not really, but it should work 95% of the time.

Pour yourself a glass of wine, put your feet up and drink this video in. Babies and cats are adorable on all their own. What happens when you combine their awesome cuteness? Well you're about to find out. 

Watch this video at least 3 times if you're really stressed out. Share it with anyone in need of a little cuteness pick me up. 

It's Never Too Late to Do What You Love

If you watch this video and your heart doesn't melt, I'd be worried that you're dead inside. 

A truly heart warming story of a man that completely embodies the old say, "It's never too late to do what you love." Let this video inspire you and send chills down your spine. A humble man who spent his whole life tending bar, can sing like Sinatra. 

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A Great Impression is Worth It's Weight in Gold

The Bing Bang Theory might be the most popular show in the world but did you know just how funny some of the actors are? Simon Helberg blew me away with these celebrity impressions. Celebrities impersonating celebrities, that's gold. 

Nicholas cage is one of the strangest and yet most amazing actors in Hollywood. Is he just pulling our chain with all these movies he making? Also, he might be vampire. This pictured taken of a man in 1870 makes a compelling case...


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This 5 Year Old Should Sing the National Anthem for Every Sporting Event

I've been to many sporting events in my life and heard many renditions of the national anthem. I must admit that without fail every time I heard it, I cry a little. I don't know what it is but it's like clock work. About halfway through the song I get chocked up each. This version however, this makes me outright bawl like there is no tomorrow. 

Watch only if you're ready to be disappointed next time you hear our National Anthem at a live sporting event. 

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Celebrate the Little Things in Life

If you approach even a fraction of your daily routine with this type of energy and enthusiasm, you're living life. 

GEICO has made a lot of commercials over the years but this one just takes the cake. We have a sneaking suspicion that this was filmed at a Publix grocery store.  On more than one occasion I've felt this after ordering some Boar's Head meat at a Publix deli. 

Celebrate the little things, do the Ickey Shuffle, rinse and repeat. 

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Sometimes Covers are Better than the Original Song

Pitch Perfect is a movie that keeps on giving even after the credits roll. This video popped up in my search results when I went looking for that hilarious shower scene in Pitch Perfect. What can I say, Titanium is my jam. 

This artist, Madilyn Baliey appears to be on a mission to cover every song every recorded. Some of them are pretty fantastic. This cover of Titanium I dare say is even better than the original!

Take a moment and get to know Madilyn, you'll be glad you did. 

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Just Another Reason Not to Trust Food Labels

Smart and healthy grocery store shopping starts with sticking to the perimeter of the store. All the fresh fruits, vegetables, seafood, meats and dairy are typically located on the perimeter. Be afraid of the inner aisles and all their prepacked foods, be very afraid. 

If you do venture into the inner aisles make sure to proceed with caution. A good rule of thumb is to not buy a packaged good if it has more than 5 ingredients. Of course there are exceptions but more often than not, it's a good rule to follow. 

Not only are the ingredients on packaged foods suspect, but the serving sizes can be down right ridiculous.

We'll let Mr. Brian Regan explain. Share this video with all your foody friends!

The Director of Marketing for Kale Is Killing It

I can't remember exactly when Kale went viral across the US but it's everywhere now. I might be a food hipster but I like Kale less now...

What exactly is a "super food?" The only reason people think kale is a super food is because it has lots of vitamins and minerals. All real food is loaded with vitamins and minerals. If you compare kale to a bag of Cheetos, then yes it is indeed a "super food."

All jokes aside, eat a lot of cruciferous vegetables, kale included! Also, if you know who's behind this whole kale PR push, let us know because that person is a genius.

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Marriage is an Insane Proposal

Have a lot friends getting hitched? Does every weekend brunch begin and end with conversions about wedding arrangements? If you're single and on the outside looking in, this video will make you feel a little better.

If you're in a committed relationship or lucky enough to have been married for years, then you already know how crazy marriage is. 

Check out the entire stand up special on Netflix: Aziz Ansari: Buried Alive.

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Nothing Like a Good Revolution Speech

This movie is chalk full of political undertone. I've seen more subtle behavior from perverts wearing plum smugglers at a playground.... If you can look past the veil of despair for American corruption and power, and even past the battered and always cute Natalie Portman, there is a lot of great writing in this move. What's great about this speech is the rhythm and word play. The delivery? Nothing short of poetry. 

My favorite line: "...Words will always retain their power. Words are the means to meaning and those who will listen, the annunciation of truth."

Many times we are the source of our own oppression. There are far too many excuses and too little fight in the heart of the average American these days. Are the future leaders of America soft? Yes, softer than baby powder on Tuesday. The challenges of life, insignificant and petty, get in the way of greatness. Rebel against yourself and build the life that you deserve. Channel your dark thoughts, turn them into light and enjoy the video on your way to the gym. Today is a great day for a revolution. 

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This will Melt your Heart in 60 Seconds or Less

In need of an instant heart melting video? This will surely do the trick. There are few things worst than the heartbreak, turmoil and horrors cause from war. Soldiers, fathers, brothers and sons risk their lives each and every day to keep our country safe.

When these brave men return home, their families are overjoyed to see them. That first reunion, that first time tired and heavy hearts are reconnected, it's a powerful movement. Who knew that such tremendous love and relief could be so easy to see on a little girl's face. 

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Babies Reacting to the iPhone 6 Being Announced

I wished I loved anything as much as these kids love getting phone calls. I can only assume that these kids are learning that the new iPhone 6 has just arrived on their doorstep. It's only thing that makes sense...

As you watch this video, ask yourself when the last time you reacted to a phone call like this? We know that 95% of the time you sigh and roll your eyes when your phone rings. I mean who calls someone anyone these days? It's either terrible news or drunk exes on a rampage. 

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This Girl Knows How to Sing

As soon as this girl starts singing, you'll get chills. What a voice! 

It's just impressive to hear such a young child sing with such power. This 11 year old girl has talent, plain and simple. Doesn't it make you wonder why so many professional singers need lip sing at live concerts? I mean this girl is in middle school and can already kill it.

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