Summer is Coming: Save on your Utility Bill

Spring is finally here and with that comes the urge to clean and purge. Purge not only what's in the back of your closet but also what's in your budget. 

So where do we start this purge?

For most every american family, there are three areas of the budget that consume a majority of your earnings: housing, food and transportation. Within these three giants of financial drain the rent or the mortgage is the biggest cost, so it bodes well to make this primary target.

The unfortunate reality of most housing situations that they only way to save is to move. Moving is not only one of life's most stressful events, it's also not an immediate option for families. 

Let's focus on a few ways to reduce the monthly electric bill. With summer coming it's best to have a plan so that air conditioner running night and day doesn't eat through your wallet.

  • Do a nightly energy sweep:

    • We all have left fans, lights or appliances on at night while we sleep, but doing so wastes increasingly expensive energy. Take a few minutes and save some money. Do a nightly sweep through the house to make sure all your electronics are turned off. It's just that easy, it might seem annoying but the savings can add up quickly. 

  • Upgrade your appliances
    • Most state and local governments and even the utility companies offer finical incentives for homeowners and rents to upgrade their appliance to use newer and more energy efficient models. The government is going green and it pays to take advantage of these incentives. 
  • Don't let money slip through the cracks - of your windows and doors.
    • This one might seem simple and not even possible but it really is amazing how much more efficient your house is with proper seals on your window and doors. Lock in air and savings Inexpensive expanding foam or caulk that you can find at your local hardware store or Walmart can seal up these cracks in no time. The cold or warm air typically sneaks out around window and door frames. Start there, a few dollars and an hour of effort will go a long way. 
  • Buy Energy Start Certified Products
    • You may or may not have heard of Energy Star. It's the partnership between the EPA and the US Department of Energy that puts their stamp of approval on energy efficient products. Their focus is on the energy intensive items within the household. That being said it's not limited to just the big ticket items. Light bulbs, TVs, refrigerators, fans - these all have the Energy Star rating once approved for saving energy and money! The best part is that these items typically don't cost any more than regular products.