Health Benefits of Lifting Weights: Why Women Should Lift Weight

Don't be afraid, instead be inspired at get the toned sexy body that you've always wanted. 

by: Emily Banks

Ask most women if they lift weights and you'll get a response like this: "No. I don't really like lifting weight and I don't want to get big, bulky or "muscley." 

The bros, meat sticks and muscle bound men and woman at the gym are getting in the way of so many personal fitness goals. They really should be ashamed of their over chiseled glowing orange selfs. The truth is that it's not easy to build muscle and it takes crazy amount of time and effort to build abnormally fit bodies. Not to mention that women have significantly less testosterone than men. The freaky looking women with crazy muscles more likely than not take steroids, HGH or other performance enhancing drugs. 

Answer this one simply question. When was the last time a woman or girl you knew was complaining because she dabbled with lifting weight now she has these giant muscles and get a date anymore...If you know someone like this, by all means let us know because there is a 90% chance their not entirely human and I've always wanted to meet a superhero in real life. 

Now that we've moved past the absurd notion that you're going to turn into a body builder should you start lifting weights let's take a look at some of the benefits.

  1. Fight Osteoporosis: Improve bone density
  2. Battle Arthritis: Increase joint mobility and range of motion
  3. Burn Fat: Torch fat in less time than cardio
  4. Increase Aerobic Capacity: take that cardio
  5. Increase Metabolic Rate: burn fat even after you leave the gym
  6. Fight Diabetes Type 2: Improve your bodies glucose and insulin sensitivity and efficiency.
  7. Get those "toned" muscles that you always talk about
  8. Get rid of the dreaded muffin top
  9. Build a bikini butt that makes your friends jealous
  10. Look better naked

Do those last three sound like the new year resolutions that you make every year? Well our goal is to make sure that those resolutions become reality. If you want to sexy curves, we know no better road to success than lifting weights. In addition to physical strength many women feel mental empowered when they start to incorporate weight lifting into their fitness plans. 




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