When one lives an active and fit lifestyle the focus typically falls on the body. As we train and push forward our fitness goals we measure progress, success and failure on how we look and how we feel, which is very dependent on what the scale says that morning. Inevitably, our body is our temple and our success/happiness will be defined with how we look versus how we expect to look. However, it's important not too misplace the benefits and goals on our mental state during the fitness journey. The harder we work when we hit the them gym, the better we feel, the better we feel that harder we work. Momentum and attitude has exponential effects. We battle stress and stimulate endorphins and norepinephrines that course pleasure throughout our bodies. We seek and want these feelings to perpetuate in our lives. It's almost as nature wants us to be healthy, active and fit and rewards us with a neuro-cocktail of pleasure. I mean it's no accident that sex feels so damn good and we think about it all the time. 'Tis our biological purpose on this planet to reproduce and perpetuate our genetic prowess. 


The preparation and state of the mind from when we lace up our sneakers to hitting the showers, plays a critical role in our success. Gains and improvements in fitness routines observed in the first few weeks are often greater than the progress made in latter stages. Typically this is due to your neurosystem adapting and becoming more efficient when executing the exercises. 


When your muscles being to approach failure or maximum load during an anaerobic exercise, your brain sends a signal to your muscles and instructs them to shut down. Think of this as a fail safe mechanism to make sure you don't overheat the engine. However, the actual fail point of your muscles can be very far removed from the apex your mind just told your body. Training your mind to extend the range of allowed stress on your muscles is how we grow to levels that we never thought possible. It's how we push through plateaus and achieve results that test the limits of what we're capable of. Professional athletes and Olympians have a mind body connection that allows them to literally push their muscles to absolute failure. This level of control and will is how they achieve such extra ordinary levels of physical excellence. 


While most everyone here will never need, nor probably want to push their physical self to absolute extreme. I think it's important to understand what's possible and that your mind is the key to unlocking the potential of your body. Muscle failure more often than not is a choice and your actually stronger than you think you are. You just have to believe that you are, you have to trust your body and use your will to find every drop of fuel that's in your tank.