Q: What's the single best exercise that I can do?

A: Great question! The Front Squat is the king of all the exercises. It engages almost every muscle in body, stimulates the metabolism, burns an incredible amount of calories, improves fast and flow twitch muscle fibers and builds a proportionate and balanced body. We have more reasons but we know you're busy.

Q: If I'm stuck on a desert island and have to choose between the following foods as my only source of calories, what should I choose? Food: Pasta, Hot Dogs, Alfalfa Sprouts?

A: Hot Dogs. We know it's weird but it's your best bet. Fat and Protein are the most important macro nutrients for survival and maintaining energy. 


Q: Can I drink wine and still have a body the looks so good people ask me how much I work out? 

A: Yes. The world would be a dark and scary place if this wasn't possible.

Q: What's the worst part about living a fit and healthy lifestyle?

A: The laundry. There is always so much laundry...

Q: If you had to choose between only eating sweet or salty snacks for a whole year? What would you choose?

A: Need those salty snacks, I need them bad. Sorry chocolate, we'll see you in the next fiscal year. Great question though, I think you can learn a lot about a person depending on what they answer. 

Q: I need to upgrade my cookware. With so many options, where should I start? 

A: Easy, invest in a good chef's knife. It doesn't have been the most expensive knife in the world, but get a quality knife and it will do wonders for you. A sharp and well balance knife will become your new best friend. Prepping will be faster and safer than you even thought possible. 

Q: How do people work out 4, 5 or even 6 days a week? How does one find the time?

A: Life is busy these days, plain and simple. Living fit means gym time is at the top of the priority list along with your family, friends and career. Many people, us included, don't view exercise as obligatory. It's something we truly enjoy and want to do each and everyday. 

Q: If you had to choose no cheese for a year or no sex for 6 months, what would you choose? What's the lesser of these two evils?

A: No cheese for a year?! I would be a very violent person, so for the sake of public safety I'd sacrifice sex.