Typically reserved for the review of body builders and the meat stick community is the discussion and review of the "Three Body Types." Step one towards getting the body you want is to be honest and know what your body type is, more specifically your somatotype. 

There are Three Body Types:

  1. Endomorphs - have a predisposition to add fat as well as muscle to their bodies passively, or through changes in diet and or caloric expenditure. As an endomorph you'll have a wider waist, shoulders and bone structure. Lean muscle mass is challenging to obtain and increased cardio work is needed to optimize body composition. 
  2. Mesomorphic - typically have average bone structures, slightly to wide shoulders, low fat levels and a narrow waist. Mesomporhs can add lean muscle to their frames and often find it difficult to add body fat. 
  3. Ectomorphs - are naturally skinny individuals with long and slender muscles and bone structures. They tend to add neither fat nor muscle to their frames with diet and exercise. Their lightning fast metabolisms make them the envy of those seeking skinnier versions of themselves.