Save Money and Eat Healthier: Read This Before You Head to the Grocery Store

The Best Time to Go Grocery Shopping: 

Do you want to save more money when you go to the grocery store? Do you want to avoid the crowds and feel less stressed when picking up food for the week? Then head to the store on Wednesday Night! Across the country grocery stores and food retailers see less foot traffic midweek and in the evenings. Coupons and savings are also more common during these times to attract customers and increase store volume. Go against the masses and drastically improve the time spent in the store. You never knew shopping could be so fun.

Stick to the Outside Aisles

This might be the single most important habit to adopt in order to shop smarter and live healthier. All the real food is placed on the perimeter of the store. Fresh fruits and vegetables, the butcher, fishmonger, and bakeries cooking up fresh bread are all placed on the outer part of the store. 

Buy Foods with Less than 5 Ingredients

When you venture into the middle aisles of the store do so with care. Of course these aisles contain products that you just can't live without: laundry detergent, deodorants, hair products, soaps, toilet paper, cleaning products and things that just smell amazing. However, when you're looking for food in these center aisles stick to one simple rule. Buy it only if it has less than five ingredients. Avoid all those chemically engineering imitations of food and ingredients you just can't pronounce. 

Buy In Season Fruits and Vegetables and Buy them First 

Buying fresh fruits and vegetables is the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle and great diet. Make your trip to the store even better by stocking up on in season produce. Top two reasons:

  1. In season fruit and vegetables are at peak nutritional value. Nature is trying to tell you something, listen! 
  2. In season produce is cheaper. Deals and savings are regular occurrences as stores aim to attract more customers and move the high quantity of in season product. 

Check out some of our favorites resources for more information about eating in season. 

Check Out the Weekly Circulars

The weekly circulars that you see in the Sunday newspaper are loaded with great deals and savings. If you don't read the newspaper you'll always find these flyers in the grocery store doorway when you first enter the store. Stores and brands rely on these circulars to promote deals and savings. Take advantage of massive savings.

  • Household items and consumer staples go on sale frequently. Always check for deals on products you buy regularly. 
  • See a deal on a nonperishable? Buy big! Save some space in the basement, cupboard or closet for your stash of savings. Hurricanes and tornadoes shouldn't be the only reason to stock up on these food items. 
  • Many stores also have "Club Deals or Club Sections" designed to fight back against the big savings of Costco and Sam's Club. These store sections have bulk products and savings for all types of foods.

Going to the grocery store shouldn't be a daunting task. Good ingredients and good food bring together families and help nourish our bodies and minds in this crazy and stressful world. If you love your food, your food will love you back. Rich and delicious foods are also more satisfying, so you don't' have to eat as much to feel full. 

If something orange goes into your shopping cart, make sure it's a bag of carrots and not a bag of cheese curls.