Types of Milk: What’s the Best Choice for You?

Are you one of the 40 million Americans that are lactose intolerant? Or maybe you're just looking for an alternative that's healthier than cow's milk. There are a lot of alternatives in the supermarkets these days: soy, rice, hemp, almond, and coconut are commonplace. But which type of milk is right for your health and taste buds? 


1. Goat’s milk

The Skinny: Common in many other countries, milk derived from goats is gaining ground in American stores. With a very particular aroma, it's often impossible to drink after you've made a trip to the petting zoo...

What to Love: Goat’s milk has even more calcium than cow’s milk, with more than 30% of your daily recommended value. It also has more tryptophan, an essential amino acid that helps the body process protein.


2. Soy Milk 

The Skinny: One of the more popular milk alternatives, it commonly comes in many different flavors, vanilla or chocolate to name a few. Synonymous with latte's and other Starbucks coffee drinks, it's preferred by many who are sensitive to cow's milk. 

What to Love: Soy milk has just as much protein as cow's milk and less saturated fat per serving. Soy milk also typically contains more calcium than cow's milk and it's cholesterol free.   


3. Almond Milk 

The Skinny: We're not sure where the teet is on an almond but the milk sure is tasty. Actually the milk is made by blending roasted almonds with pure filtered water, along with other ingredients like vitamins, minerals and a touch of natural flavor. It's a great milk alternative for those with lactose or soy allergies.

What to Love: Well first off, almond milk is just plain good and makes your morning cereal way less boring. With almost half the calories per serving as milk, no added sugar, and a great source of Vitamin E, it really has a lot of things going for it. One thing to take note of is the low protein. It has only 1 gram per serving versus 8 grams from cow or soy milk.


4. Rice Milk

The Skinny: Another dairy free alternative, rice milk has almost twice the carbohydrates as cow's milk and no protein.  

What to Love: Rice milk has no saturated fat but the nutrition value is low and protein is nowhere to be found. 


5. Hemp Milk

The Skinny: A plant derived product made from hemp seeds, this milk is a decent source of omega-3 fatty acids. While hemp milk won't get you high, it's often fortified with vitamins and calcium. 

What to Love: Hemp milk definitely has a nutty and slightly earthy flavor and many swear by it. It has a little added fiber and slightly less protein than cow's milk. 


7. Coconut Milk

The Skinny: Sweet and almost dedicate, coconut milk is anything but skinny. Coconut milk has 3 times the amount of calories per serving as cow's milk. With almost 87% of the calories coming from fat and saturated fats, the nutrition facts are slightly terrifying.    

What to Love: If you're stranded and stuck on a deserted island, coconut milk would be an amazing survival food! It has exactly what you need to survive in the wilderness, loads of fat, good amino acids and a decent amount of fiber


8. Cow’s Milk 

The Skinny: Ready for a bowl of cereal? Need a companion for that delicious chocolate chip cookie? Cow's milk has you covered. 

What's to Love: Back when rickets was all too real the nation turned to good old cow's milk. Fortified with vitamin D and packed with calcium, milk became a staple in every American home. Cow's milk is a great source of protein, 8 grams per serving. A complete protein with high biological value, means this protein is easy for your body to absorb. The balance of carbohydrates and protein, make milk a great after workout choice to help feed your hungry muscles.