The Best Stress Killer: Exercise!

Be Fit, Be Stress Free

Nothing can compete with exercise when it comes to fighting back against stress. Let's face it life is stressful these days. Technology and social media has exploded over the past decade and created a world where secrets are few and far between and immediate responses to any inbound is expected. Feeling overwhelmed or buried the piles of deadlines at work or infinite to do lists for your home or apartment? Stop making excuses and start exercising!

Exercise is the best to clear your mind, stimulate your endorphins and destress. With most americans working in a sedentary work environment it's more important than ever to get up and exercise. You don't need to a crazed meat heat or decked out in futuristic running apparel to get the benefits of exercise. You can do all these without a gym membership. 

  • Walking
  • Jogging
  • Biking
  • Dancing
  • Yoga
  • Swimming

Just find something that you like to do and get our there and do it. 30 minutes of exercise even just 2 or 3 days a week can go a long way to feeling better each and everyday. Exercise stimulates your central nervous system and causes chemicals to be released into your bloodstream. There is no mistaking that rush of endorphins during and after a good workout. 

Improve your help, reduce stress and even sleep better at night. Consistency in your workouts goes a long way to help battle stress before it even starts. 

Next time you tell yourself you don't have time to workout or go to the gym, just ask yourself do you like being stressed out? Isn't 30 minutes of your time worth the hours of your life you'll get back? Can't afford a gym membership? Walking and running is free and humans were born to run! Or at the very least stand upright and walk.