3 Everyday Habits to Flatten Your Abs

Make tight tones abs a habit. Take a few minutes every day to engage your core and these small steps will add up in no time. 

Your abs are designed to stability your center of gravity. By properly engaging your abdominal throughout out the day you'll create muscle memory and additional activity to take small steps towards tighter and flatter abs. 

Turn your commute into a bonus workout: Do you take public transportation or drive to work every weekday? Snap out of that boring routine by doing some isometric contractions. Perfect posture comes from practice, practice, practice. Take a deep breath in and pull your abs inward. Focus on squeezing your belly button towards your lower back. Hold this contraction a few seconds and then slowly breath out. Let the radio be your stop watch. Repeat this exercise for at least three songs. Mind clear, check, abs tight, check, confirming Katy Perry is still my jam, check.

Go the extra mile: Little things can add up fast and you should look for every opportunity to increase your daily caloric expenditure. This goes for your commute, the trip to the grocery store, or perennial quandary between the elevator or the stairs. Spoiler alert, use the stairs! The world will never be able to see those perfectly sculpted abdominal muscles is you don't whittle down that stubborn belly fat. More important than just burning calories is the commitment. Your faced with a thousands choices each and everyday. You can do what easy or you can do what will make you more fit. Belief in the healthy lifestyle and validate that choice by going the extra mile.

After Dinner Abs: Did you think you were done just because the sun is down and dishes from dinner are in the dishwasher? A nice slice of tiramisu or bowl of gelato can really hit the spot after a long day but a few minutes of swiss ball ab exercises can also really curb your daily stress. Complete this following circuit 3 times

  • Swiss Ball Rollouts - 10 repetitions
  • Swiss Ball Jackknife - 10 repetitions
  • Swiss Ball Planks - 30 seconds