Exercise Your Brain

Is thirty minutes of your time and pool of your sweat not worth making a smarter version of yourself? One of the amazing and often overlooked value of exercise is what it does to your mental health.

Feel Better and Kill Stress

There are of course the instant effects that cardio exercise can have on your mood and the chemical balance of your brain. Stir up your serotonin and boost your mood. Dig up more dopamine and let the reward induced neurotransmitter make your feel good. Need more norepinephrine, of course you do and with it comes improved attention, perception, motivation, and arousal. 

Be Smarter

There are a lot of studies that show the causality relationship between exercise and improved cognitive powers. An investigation of 30 women at Purdue University showed that exercise improves brain performance. By boosting their fitness levels by 17 percent the woman in the study saw a 12 to 68 percent improvement in their ability to process information and make sound decisions. 

Sweat and Be Better an Your Job

There is also scientific evidence that shows that cardio exercise can improve the hours you log in the office. Employees on average saw a 15 percent increase in their ability to meet both time and output demands on the day they exercised. Get more done during the workday by hitting the treadmill in the morning or during lunch.

The Cure for Attention Deficit Disorder

Talk to any cardio fanatic and they can describe the focus one experiences during and after a good run. Psychotherapists are seeing that patients who engage in regular aerobic exercise have a focusing effect similar to those on ADD medications. 

Increase your productivity, grower your business acumen, make smarter, better and faster decisions in your hectic life. One begs to wonder why we ever make excusing not to tie up the running shoes and invest in a little cardio.