Why I Exercise and why you should too


I cannot count how many people I have spoken to that just can’t keep up with an exercise program.  “I’m too busy” “Once the holidays are over” “After it warms up a little” and so the list goes on.  I hear plenty of excuses not too many reasons. 

When was the last time you skipped brushing your teeth for a week? What about shaving your legs? Sure, everyone is allowed to ‘forget’ once or twice to keep up with this normal body maintenance.  But after once or twice I am willing to bet you feel gross and cave.

The excuse that I find the hardest to swallow is the busy argument.  Do you watch TV at night? More than an hour?  Two hours? How is that you are too busy for the gym but not too busy for 90mins of The Bachelor?  I get it, relaxation is important.  But if you don’t take care of the body no amount of leisure time will lead to relaxation.

Exercise should become just as familiar a routine as shaving, teeth brushing, nail clipping etc.  If you are able to make regular exercise part of weekly routine, before long you won’t think twice about making time for the gym.   

You know this list of major benefits of regular exercise, lower cholesterol, less risk of heart disease and cancer, etc. etc.  But have you thought about the other health benefits? What about better sex, less stress, injury prevention, even increases your intelligence? Yes, exercise can make you smarter.  Exercise produces irisin in the brain that help with learning and memory.  Now who doesn’t want to get smarter while shedding some fat cells?

A big reason for regular exercise for me is injury prevention. When I survey my friends it is staggering how the scales of injury and illness are skewed towards the ones that don’t exercise.  Even the ones that are slender who don’t get out and move around are often injured or ill.  Look Im not expecting everyone to be a Victoria’s Secret model, lord knows I am far from it myself.  I am simply stressing that if you get out and get moving life will be better.

I am a huge proponent of finding exercise outside of a gym.  Exercising outside also helps soak up some of that vitamin D that is sometimes hard to come by.  Plus is you are out hiking, biking, with friends or chasing the kids around the park the time flies and you don’t feel like you are working.  I can spend hours in the park hiking without noticing.  Put me on an elliptical for a half hour and after 5 minutes I am already looking down at the time remaining clock. 

If you can develop a lifestyle that involves fitness, I assure you that you will be more satisfied with life.  Before long you will have a body to proud of, a mind that is sharp, and a disposition that is admirable.  It won’t be long before your friends and family will be asking you what the ‘secret’ is!