5 Of The Best Beers You Have Never Heard Of:

Not much is better in this world than a well-crafted, interesting, refreshing beer.   Microbreweries are popping up all over the world and in addition to those producers who have been long established the choices are vast.   

Unfortunately, the selection in most grocery stores and large box stores is mundane and all too familiar.  Seeking out specially venues and local breweries is not only good for your enjoyment but is good for local support. 

With such a wide selection of breweries and styles there is certainly a beer for you.  My best advice is to try as many new beers as possible.  What a great adventure to embark on and a hobby you will have no trouble finding participant for. 

In order to help you along you way I have listed 5 of my favorites below, go out and try them and then try some of your own.  Stay tuned for the next installment and future recommendations!


Beer: Old Engine Oil

Style: Porter

ABV: 6%

Beer Advocate Rating: 100

Brewed By: Harviestoun Brewery, Scotland


This beer certainly lives up to its name.  A rich, dark, ale that screams dark chocolate in the nose.  OEO is very smooth with a fine carbonation.  The oats used in this brew help smooth out some of the hop bitterness and make this beer easy to drink over the course of an hour



Beer: Two Hearted Ale

Style: American IPA

ABV: 7%

Beer Advocate Rating: 92

Brewed By: Bell’s Brewery, Michigan


This single hopped (Centennial Hops) IPA lead to a distinct citrus and earthy tone in this beer.   IPA can be very refreshing and this one certainly fits the bill.  The hoppy-ness of this beer will cling to your pallet long after the first sip and leave you wanting more.


Beer: Allagash Curieux

Style: Aged Strong Ale

ABV: 11%            

Beer Advocate Rating: 100

Brewed By: Allagash Brewing, Maine


If you are a whisky drinker this beer is a must try.   Aged for eight weeks in former Jim Beam barrels give this beer rich vanilla flavor and a nice warm feeling the first drink.  This cork finished big brew is great to split between a few friends next to a fireplace in the heart of winter.  


Beer: Houblon Chouffe

Style: Belgian IPA

ABV: 9%

Beer Advocate Rating: 98

Brewed By: Brasserie d’ Achouffe, Belgium

Houblon is a very unique take on IPAs and much different than the typical American style.  The hops in the brew blend nicely with the Belgium yeast strain to create a crisp, apple flavor beer.  The alcohol content is well hidden by the complex flavors of this ale.  The long finish of this beer will keep you in a happy state of mind.



 Beer: Reissdorf Kölsch

Style: Kölsch

ABV: 4.8%

Beer Advocate Rating: 91

Brewed By: Brauerei Heinrich Reissdorf, Germany


This crisp, clean brew screams refreshing.  The low ABV make it even more feasible to have a few on a hot summer day.   Unlike the American lagers, this brew isn’t boring.  Reissdorf is able to maintain complexity and interesting flavors without adding to the body.   Before you know it this beer with become a mainstay at the BBQ or day on the boat.