Wine: It's whats for dinner

My Doctor Said Wine is Good For Me!

During a recent check up I had asked my doctor the benefits (if any) of wine. I had read a few studies and just wanted more conformation from an M.D. so that I could justify my nightly rips of the Kendall Jackson that I always have corked in my fridge. To my surprise he said that there are benefits of drinking a glass of wine to wind down the day. I must emphasize, “A” glass. But whatever, I get to do my body good doing something I love. But I have a burning question.

Red or White?

Out of all the nutritional values found in both shades, the only real winner for the white is that it has fewer calories, which is great, but what if I am worried about my heart and cancer fighters in my blood? Studies have shown that wine contains antioxidants that reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. These antioxidants were found more prevalent in the red wines than the whites. This is important to me because of the history of heart disease in my family. Red wines also have more iron, magnesium, potassium and less sugar in an average 5-ounce glass. 

In a perfect world, wine in all its forms would be the same in terms of health benefits but the fact of the matter is that red wines are better for you than white wines. Now, if only chocolate worked the same way. Wait, what? Yay, Science!