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Chocolate: Get it while you can?

Dark chocolate has become very popular in the past few years, and deservedly so. There are many health benefits including lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease, promoting cognitive performance and also helps reduce the risk of cancer. However, in recent studies, the chocolate crop around the world is diminishing. This news comes as a shock to me because of the fact that I may be single handedly responsible. So I would like to start out with an apology. 

In the past few years’, chocolate, more specifically dark chocolate, has been flying off the shelves. Could this have anything to do with consumers becoming more health conscious? Possibly. The reality of the situation is that chocolate is becoming scarce. Most of the worlds chocolate crop comes from West Africa. If you haven’t heard West Africa is going through a bit of a crisis with the Ebola outbreak. 

Have I scared you into buying all the chocolate at your local Whole Foods yet? Well settle down because that’s what chocolate farmers want you to do. Chocolate is not going anywhere. Farmers in the Ivory Coast have actually made 10% more chocolate this year than last. The difference is that the local governments in these nations pay very little to the farmers and set exchange rates high. 

So don’t worry so much about chocolate, its doing fine. The farmers however are not. Like most Fair Trade goods the majority of earnings go back to the farmers. These products tend to be a bit pricy but you know where the money goes.